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Q: What is a UPC code?
A: UPC stands for Universal Product Code, which is a type of barcode used to identify products in the retail industry. It consists of a series of vertical lines and spaces of varying widths that represent a unique 12-digit number assigned to a specific product. The UPC is read by a barcode scanner at the point of sale, and the information is used to track inventory, sales, and pricing.

Q: Where can I find the UPC of my CD/DVD/Video Game?
A: You can usually find the UPC (Universal Product Code) of your music CD/DVD/Video Game on the back cover of the jewel case or on the spine of the case. It is a 12-digit barcode that uniquely identifies the product. If you can't find the UPC on the CD/DVD/Video Game case, you may also be able to find it on the disc itself or on the booklet or liner notes that came with the CD.

Q: Do you buy CDS/DVD/Video Games without UPC?
A: We do not buy CD/DVD/Video Games without UPCs, as it is generally difficult to determine a price for the item.

CDs/DVDs/Video Games

Q: What sort of physical condition should the media be in?

  • Original disk(s) from the original item.
  • The disk in the case must match the cover and/or sleeve notes.
  • All of the cover and/or sleeve notes must be present.
  • If the cover and/or sleeve notes or the disk are irretrievably damaged and cannot be refurbished (e.g. the disk is cracked or very badly scratched or the cover and/or sleeve notes are water damaged, ripped, or torn), then we will reject the item.
  • If the cover, the disc artwork, and/or the sleeve notes are defaced in any way, then we will reject the item.
  • If we suspect the product is non-original, counterfeit, fake, or illegal in any way, then we will reject the item.
  • If when quality assessed by our team, we find that the CD you sent to us and/or valued on our site is not a CD album but a CD single, then we reserve the right to fail that item and deal with it as we do all items that fail quality assessment under our Terms and Conditions.
  • If the barcode you entered is not identical to the barcode on the item you sent to us and/or if the barcode is not evident on the cover, disc artwork, and/or sleeve notes of the item received, then we will reject the item.
  • If there is no barcode present, then we will reject the item.
  • If any video game does not have all of the original instruction booklets in addition to the original artwork, then we will reject the item.
  • If any video game is sent to us in a format that we do not accept as described below, then we will reject the item.

We only accept Video Games on the following platforms: Playstation 2, Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS, Nintendo 3DS, PSP, and PS Vita. Games in these formats will be accepted by title based on the valuation or Offer Price provided. Accepted formats may change without notice, so please check these Terms & Conditions prior to creating a transaction with us. For clarity, we do not accept PC Games.