Shipping Instructions

To ensure a positive experience, please read and follow the instructions below for shipping. Failure to do so may result in reduced or non-payment due to lost or damaged items, or if the shipping carrier charges oversized or overweight fees.

1. When preparing to ship your items, select a box that closely matches their size. Avoid using oversized boxes. If shipping cds, dvds, video games, aim to fill at least 90% of the box. If you cannot find a smaller box, disassemble a larger one to remove any excess space. It's best to avoid using Priority Mail packaging as the carrier may apply additional charges for this service.

Below are two tables with recommendations for the box sizes that almost perfectly fit specific amounts of CDs or DVDs as shown:

2. To ensure payment is processed quickly, please remember to include the packing slip provided with your order. This slip should include a list of all items included in your shipment.

3. Once all items are placed in the package, ensure that any remaining space is tightly filled with either bubble wrap or crumpled paper. It's important to avoid using packing peanuts as they break down.

4. It is important to note that each shipping label is unique and cannot be used for multiple packages.

5. To secure the package, use plenty of packing tape - there is no such thing as using too much. Make sure to wrap the tape all the way around the package, even all of the corners so that it adheres to itself. Avoid using Scotch or masking tape as they are not strong enough for shipping purposes.

6. Please note that shipping insurance is not included with the prepaid label. If you wish to insure your package, you can purchase optional shipping insurance through your chosen carrier. We cannot be held responsible for any packages that are lost or damaged during transit. Please keep your receipt in case you need to file a claim with the carrier.


Please make sure to ship your order within 5 days of completing the checkout process. If you meet this deadline and ship within the 5-day period, your quote will be valid upon arrival at our warehouse. However, if you ship your order after the 5-day shipping deadline, we will still accept your goods, but we cannot guarantee that you will receive the original amount quoted for your materials.